Our Cultivation ActivitiesRed soil, sun and varieties selected over the centuries.

Terreno Agricolo, Colture

Every saison offers here its own variety and taste. We can harver under the olive trees for example: beets, broccoli, chicory of various varieties, fennel, winter cabbage, peppers, zucchini, aubergines, zucchini blossoms, lettuce and tomatoes. Also the directly bordering orchard guarantees with its 46 different varieties whole year long healthy, natural products of high quality.

Pomodori Pugliesi

In order to maintain our biodiversity we plant ancient species threatened with extinction like as the mandarin variety ‘Profumato di Monopoli’ (Fragrant fruit from Monopoli), tomatoes ‘della regina’ (queen) and on the fields inside the park of the coastal dunes we also cultivate organic durum wheat of the type Senatore Cappelli, one of the few ones without genetic modification and is characterized by the low content of gluten. Through the uitlisation of new and more productive varities it is already in danger of disappearing.

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