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Among green olive groves with centuries-­old trees in Fasano, one of the most fascinating sites in Apulia in the midst of dry stone walls and the blue colour of the sea arises the Masseria Salamina. The agricultural enterprise and aristocratic residence from the end of 1400 has been hosting an agritourism farm for 20 years, offering its guests authentic hospitality paired with an ancient agriculture tradition.

It is the family De Miccolis Angelini to conduct both, the farm and also the agritourism. The familiy owns the estate since 1986.

The cultivation activity of the farm with a total of 50 hectares on the fields of Monopoli and Fasano consists of olive groves, of which 22 hectares are situated in the park of the coastal districts and which are destined for the extraction of extra virgin olive oil. Additionally we produce marmalades, jams, vegetable, fruit and a cosmetics line based on olive oil extra virgin.

The Natural park of the Coastal Dunes from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo has an extension of 1.100 hectars and covers the territory of Fasano and Ostuni. The park comprises 8 Kilometers of coast where you can observe sand dunes and Mediterranean Macchie, but also humid zones with rare flora and fauna specimen. They are begotten here or stay here during their migration time.

Inside are agricultural areas, whose borders are drawn by the “Lame” (natural karstic springs). These areas are mainly made up of centuries-­old olive trees, ancient farms and felled settlements and represent the natural habitat of plants and animals which are now threatened with extinction.

The Park offers a variety of possibilities and tours: the Via Traiana, (ancient road section which connected Benevento with Brindisi, used by the Romans for their trade relations with the Orient since 244 BC, in the same year the Salentine city became a Romanian colony); Dolmen of Montalbano (megalithic monument-­ also known with the name “Table o Paladines” dating from the Copper age -­ 3th-­2nd Millenium BC); humid zone near to the River Morelli, characterized by water surfaces and ancient buildings for the Fishing and accumulations of freshwater from the river and used since the end of 19th century for the Fish farming, today regained and certified by using a specific organic method; cave habitations; sand beaches and crystal waters, where enjoying relaxing days in the midst of a wonderful natural setting.

Our Cultivation Activities


Apulia with its 50 million olive trees represents the most important region for olive growing in Italy today. Our trees tell us old stories, about people who lived and worked here dedicating their time to these unique and long living trees in order to produce this precious “liquid gold”,
as Homer called it.

The oil we produce is exclusively extra virgin and of superior quality.

Thanks to the accuracy of every detail during the whole process from the cultivation and harvest to the pressing we are able to obtain these unique oils. Depending on the olives used they have different organoleptic properties.

The extra virgin olive oil produced from the Masseria Salamina is obtained through a pressing process carried out exclusively by means of mechanical pressing forms with olive varieties from the Apulian cultivation area -­ Ogliarola, Leccino, Frantoio and Coratina. They are cultivated especially on the fields of Fasano (BR) within the Regional Park of the Coastal Dunes.

Every single oil expresses the soul of the Apulian territory and the unique olive culture: the taste of almonds of Orgliarola, the density of Leccino and its delicate nuances;; the power of Coratina, the perfume of artichoke, carob, tomato and almonds will be the basic ingredients to create different combinations of dishes and become irreplaceable part of your nutrition.

The use of an AUTHENTIC extra virgin olive oil does not only mean choosing an incomparable taste, but also to set healthy habits able to conduct to our organism the indispensable polyphenols and vitamines to maintain in that way our wellbeing.

The harvesting technique with the aim to do not damage the olives and to avoid the contact with the earth allows us to obtain a very low acidity and unique organoleptic properties. The olives are harvested at optimum maturation to achieve the best quality of polyphenols, antioxidants and organoleptic properties.


Best Apulian fruit based on traditional recipes without thickeners or coloring agents.
Seasonal availability and appreciation of typical local fruits are our main ingredients. Besides the classical jams like apricot, strawberry and plums there are also some specialties like: Marmalade from bitter orange, a rare and digestive fruit;; jam from Percoche-­peach, a local variety with intense aroma;; jam from pumpkins, perfect with spicy cheese and quince jam, ‘Marmelo’, the oldest one which gave also the origin for the Italian name “marmellata”.
The conserves, ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation, represents the most natural and direct form to build a stock of healthy and good foods that can be used at any time of the year. We recommend the tomato sauce and the typical olive oil Olio del Diavolo, a traditional product and a must on every Apulian dining table.


Olive oil was recognized as valuable for the body care, and today the properties are scientifically proven.
Therefore we developed a complete cosmetics line based on our own olive oil, enriched by natural ingredients and produced in traditional style because we believe in the nature and its perfect balance. Nature already gives us all that we need.

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