Our ActivitiesThe relaxation of a holiday… the allure of a new experience!

When you enter our world, you will experience a unique and rich experience for all!
We will respond to the requests of each individual, whether you are looking for a relaxing and active experience or a carefree day with taste and essence in Apulia.

Filippo and Chiara, panel tests and passionate olive producers will show you how to recognize extra virgin olive oil and to appreciate its beneficial properties.

Filippo and Chiara, wine enthusiasts, will explain to you the production processes of the popular Apulian wine and accompany you on the journey for the senses between fragrances and tastes of our earth.

Live the masseria until you feel catapulted back in time, and learn with Chiara the secrets of Apulian cooking and the methods of preparation that are hidden behind our famous, simple and genuine dishes.

Inside the Park of Dune Costiere, sun-kissed and caressed by the sea breeze, we will discover our biodiversity, fossils and rock settlements, plants and spontaneous essences.

Come on visit the masseria!

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