Environmental SustainabilityLove the Earth, love yourself.

The farm was founded in 1991 as member of the association Terranostra (national agricultural association) with accomodation and restaurant in the historical Masseria.

The restructuration of the accommodation activity was subject of a careful renovation with the aim to improve the usability for guests and the quality of the services offered. In that context we tried to take into account and preserve the existing, historical and cultural heritage. So we developed the accommodation in an environmentally compatible manner.

For instance by installing a heating system that works with biomass, solar panels and remote-­controlled heaters, which have helped us to increase efficiency and function compared to conventional energy sources. We use therefore the woodchips obtained during the curtailing of our century-­old olive trees, one of the most labor intensive phases. In 2009, we won therefore the Oscar Green, Energies for the Future.

Another example is the plant selected for the cleaning of the swimming pool: a natural cleaning process for the swimming pool which uses salted water in order to produce chlorine and thus prevents the intensive use of chemicals.

Another project regards the building of a photovoltaic plant in order to obtain the complete energetic autonomy. We are also sponsors of an initiative for environmentally-­friendly mobility through the use of electric vehicles by our guests and the coolocation of recharging stations in various places in the territory.

In the Agritourism sector we focus on high quality and apply fully all Terranostra’s quality criteria. For the products in the farm we opted to make them in organic way and to be very careful in the whole transformation process. Therefore we added to the typical activities of the farm other products like olive oil extra vergin hoigh quality, conserves and jams and a new product line. The last one regards the production of soaps and olive oil extra vergin.

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